The price and durability of our products bring great savings to playground maintenance. Installation of safety floors in sports venues, playgrounds, play areas, and generally wherever a safe floor is needed. Made of EU-tested and certified hypoallergenic non-toxic materials the safety floors are thick, shock-absorbent, 100% recyclable. They are usually 25 mm or 40 mm thick, are made of a composition of 100% rubber, and are designed to reduce the impact of a child falling from a determined height. In accordance with European standards they are highly impact-absorbent and ensure a safe fall depending on their thickness. They are made especially to effectively absorb impact and disperse energy, having ensured the required safe drop height according to ELOT EN 1177. The price and durability of our products bring great savings. Maximum drop height corresponding to the thickness of the safety floor:

25 mm: 070 m
40 mm: 1.30 m
45 mm: 1.40 m
50 mm: 1.70 m
80 mm: 2.40 m.

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