Advance Green (en)

Technical specifications:

  • Yarn length: 13 mm
  • Gauge: 3/16”
  • Material: 100% PE
  • Overall turf height: 15 mm
  • Total weight: 2,184 g/m2
  • Backing: polyurethane foam
  • Fire classification: Efl
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 7 years
  • Roll length: 1 court made to order
  • Roll width: 2-4m
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Advance Green is the highest quality playing surface for tennis and padel that we provide. Certified by Spain’s Padel Federation (FEP) as well as by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Advance is made from monofilament polyethylene yarns with a PU finish, which ensures the best performance and stability for play. Ideal for all levels of sports activities, it performs consistently under all weather conditions. Recommended for domestic professional playing fields, schools and sports clubs. Advance is available in green, blue, brick red, fuchsia, and black. Its polyurethane base makes it 100% ecological and recyclable. A unique product, a Grass Experts exclusive