Cumbre 50mm(en)

Height: 50mm
Weight: 3,360g
Stitches: 13,650
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re you looking for realism in your garden? The 50 mm high Cumbre model is ideal for high standing gardens looking for maximum naturalness. It is the only product of its height that combines 3 fiber heights and 7 different yarn colors thanks to its Look&Feel technology.

Discover more about its combination of fibers:
– Straight fiber at 100% height, with D-shaped BodyShape technology to provide the product with the greatest possible softness.
– Semi-textured fiber: curl using the latest KdK technology at 90% of the total height of the product, imitating artificial grass in its bud.
– Textured fiber at 70% height, two-tone root effect in green/beige tones that perfectly imitates the root effect of natural grass.

If you still have doubts, thanks to its SoftMax technology, it gives it great softness that, together with its mixture of fibers and heights, make it a very fluffy and leafy product. Walking barefoot on it, sitting down to read a book or playing with your little ones or pets will become one of your favorite moments.

It is a very complete product for your garden, its recovery and drainage will also surprise you.

Safety is also a very important part of your new favorite place, which is why all our models are fireproof (FireProof technology), antibacterial (BacteriaFre) and non-toxic (KidsProof).

All our gardening collection has a UV filter and is resistant to any climate.

  • Recommended use: Premium Gardens.
  • Type of use: low traffic.


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