Customgrass 6 mm PU foam (en)

Technical specifications:

  • Yarn length: 16 mm
  • Gauge: 1/7”
  • Material: 100% PE
  • Yarn weight: 1,635 g/m2
  • Overall height of material: 22 mm
  • Total weight: 3,800 gr/m2
  • Backing of polyurethane foam
  • Fire classification: Efl
  • Roll length: to order
  • Roll width: to order
  • Printing: up to 6 colours
  • Product made to order
  • Powered by Turfgrass


Customgrass 6 mm PU foam Customgrass artificial turf is only custom-manufactured. We can recreate any design you wish, using up to 6 different colours. It is made using unique tuft technology, allowing you to combine colours and create specific patterns and logos. Customgrass is attractive and effective for various purposes, such as advertising, interior design, and branding. Endless possibilities Use Customgrass for branded messages and advertising on floors or walls, in interior and exterior spaces. Decoration in exhibition areas, children’s playground or even sports fields. Custom grass is available in a range of 14 colours, giving you a wide choice. You can combine up to 6 colours in a single design. It is only available to order; a Grass Expert exclusive. For more information, please contact us.