Euphoria 40mm (en)

Technical specifications:

  • Pile height: 40mm
  • Gauge: 3/8”
  • Dtex: 11.250
  • Yarn type: Monofilament Mix
  • Yarn Weight: 2.000 gr/m2
  • Total product weight: 2815 gr/m2
  • Material: 60% PE – 40% PP
  • Backing type: Polyurethane
  • Fire classification: Slow fire material (Efl)
  • Water permeability: 60 liter/min/100 cm2
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 7 years
  • Roll length: 25 m
  • Roll width: 2 -4m
  • 100% ecological and recyclable product
  • Powered by Turfgrass
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We are convinced that there isn’t any 40 mm product in the market with a better combination of recovery and softness. Euphoria is simply a top product. Its unique colour combination will give your lawn great vivacity and joy. It combines 5 different colours, which are not limited to the three different shades of green, but even beige and brown fibres are used to create a natural colour palette.

Euphoria owes its great resilience to the use of the monofilament fibre of section C and a new texturized yarn.