WIM Collection Design Rugs (en)

Technical specifications:

  • Rug with: 100% woven PE threads for interior or exterior use.
  • Highly resistant to UV radiation
  • Resistant to extreme temperature changes
  • Composition: 100% woven PE
  • PU foam finish
  • Total weight: 4,450 g/m2
  • Standard size: 140 x 200 cm (pallet of 13 pieces) 200 x 290 cm (pallet of 10 pieces)
  • Powered by Turfgrass


WIM Collection design rugs Wim designed and developed an exclusive collection of rugs for interior and exterior use. The characteristics of this product make us unique in the market, providing the combination of: quality, design, and comfort. Quality Made from a 100% woven PE thread with a non-slip PU foam finish, exceptionally resistant to UV radiation and colour change. Also resistant to great temperature swings! Design Different combinations of colours that transform your space into a special spot! Comfort The PU foam finish applied directly to back of the rug provides great comfort!